Thursday, 21 June 2012

My favorite music

I'd like to introduce my favorite music.

This is a capella song called "Tonight."
Famous acapella band, Rockapella sang this song.

Actually, I joined a capella band in Hiroshima university.
My seniors sang this, and they were very cool!!
After I go back Japan, I want to practice singing hard and  give wonderful songs to others like my seniors:)


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  2. Yeah, I like Rockappella, too!
    Tonight is a very cool song, isn't it?
    After we go back, let's practice singing together;)
    But I have two things I want to tell you...
    Spellings of Rockappella and a cappella are different;(
    And also now we have joined a cappella circle:)

    I'm sorry to put many commentsX(