Sunday, 27 May 2012

Birthday party

We held a birthday party for my friends, Oton and Harutan!!
They became 20 years old^^

Most of us become homesick, so we made Japanese food for lunch.
We also decorated cookies instead of birthday cake.

We gave them presents and birthday cards.
Emiful drew this cute picture!!
She is really good at drawing(*^_^*)

Oton and Harutan were delighted very much!!
Birthday party ended successfully.

Happy Birthday, Oton and Harutan!!


  1. hi

    I am really sorry to know that you have become homesick but I think this often happens. It happened to me when I went to Spain and to Greece. How is your English coming on. Do you think you have been making any progress. I noticed you have also been to Stratford Upon Avon. It is a great place.

  2. What an amazing birthday card for Harutan, I have never seen such a detailed one. Emiful is a great artist. Thank you for sharing it!